A seltzer inspired by Italian dolce vita.

For those who want to have fun surrounded by precious friends, without compromise!

For those who know how to enjoy life until the last drop !

An alcoholic seltzer for those who thirst for "the good life" !

Discover the unique flavors of our inspirational seltzers

Italian made from ingredients

of prime quality.

Our famous Italian-style seltzer with Quebec cranberries! Delicious, refreshing, tasty and only 90 calories.


A delicious Italian seltzer style lemonade, made with lemons and limes of Sicilian origin. Refreshing, tasty and only 90 calories !

On sale in the US.

Soon available at SAQ !

A refreshing and thirst-quenching seltzer made with blood oranges and grapefruits imported from Sicily. Only 90 calories !

On sale in the US.

Available soon at SAQ !